Patient Reviews

Patient reviews

Read what our verified patients have to say about their experience at Medical Cosmetic Centre.


“I had three areas if liposculpture done and it has only been just under a week since my surgery, but so far so good! I would definitely recommend this treatment to a friend and also would recommend the clinic.

“My experience has been very good! All of the staff and of course the doctor are friendly, very approachable and put me at ease right from my first visit. I was very nervous before hand! They explained everything that would happen and were very reassuring and helpful throughout. The aftercare has been wonderful as well.”

Julie, October 2016

Eyelid reduction (blepharoplasty)

“Brilliant service from an experienced cosmetic surgeon and lovely young ladies in reception.”

Julie, January 2017

Wart Removal

“Had a wart removed by laser at Medical Cosmetic Centre in North Adelaide in December. The treatment was quick and easy.

“Would definitely recommend this clinic — the staff were very friendly and helpful. Dr Kerry was brilliant; he explained how the procedure was going be performed in an easy and understandable way.”

Paul, December 2016

Dermal fillers

“Professional and detailed. Great results. Great service and environment. Very welcoming and lovely environment.”

Bonnie, June 2016

Acne scars treatment

“I’m very satisfied with my treatment. A very comfortable place with happy staff and very caring doctors.”

Eid, May 2016

Hair transplantation

“Half my skull was burnt on the left side of my head when I was 4 years’ old. I never knew that hair can be transplanted on a scarred scalp until I saw Dr George.

“He gave me my hair back, or enough to look normal again. I was over the moon and became relaxed about my appearance.”

Verified patient, November 2015

Eyelid reduction (blepharoplasty)

“Dr Kerry and his staff made me feel very comfortable. Dr Kerry is very honest and tells you exactly what he will be doing.”

Verified patient, September 2015

Dermal fillers

“The consultation was brilliant and the doctor actually did the treatment, rather than a nurse. I would highly recommend this clinic to everyone! The doctor explained the best course of treatment for the best result as well as the most cost-effective result.
“This is an extremely professional clinic and Dr Kerry is a wealth of knowledge and experience. The staff in the clinic are also extremely professional and helpful. I will definitely visit this clinic again for future treatments.”

Jodie, May 2015

Spider veins treatment

“Although expensive it was worth every cent. Dr Kerry is fabulous.”

Cassie, April 2015

Lipoma removal

“After making an appointment to have a lipoma removed on my forehead, I was very pleased with Dr Kerry’s professionalism and communication skills. He thoroughly explained the cause and the procedure and also instantly diagnosed a skin condition which had left previous doctors and dermatologists baffled. Dr Kerry has a great sense of humour too.

“During the procedure I was very comfortable and relieved in knowing I was in good hands. A week later and my scar is looking minimal and healing perfectly.

I cannot recommend Dr Kerry enough. The price was arranged over the phone and emailed and was quite reasonable. Will be back in the future.”

Greg, September 2014

Hair transplantation

100%”I am very pleased with my recent hair transplantation in my temple area.

“I found Dr Kerry to be a very competent surgeon with outstanding people skills and have no hesitations in recommending him.”

Michael, Apr 2014

Eyelid reduction (blepharoplasty)

“I am a 54 year old woman who has lived through some very bad experiences, including the loss to suicide of my son, my pride and reason for living. I seemed to age overnight. I not only felt old, I looked it as well. I am a sufferer of depression and everyday convinced myself of how ugly I am.

“My biggest hurdle was me. I am embarrassed of my own face and went as far as inquiring and getting prices for overseas surgery, as I didn’t think Australian surgery was within my budget and it took a long time to save the meagre amount I had. I thought I would inquire through, just to compare pricing and they recommended Medical Cosmetic Centre. The inquiry went well. The voice at the other end of the phone was so inviting and friendly that I found myself making an appointment to see the surgeon. I did not know, but this was the start of my experience with them.

“Walking into the centre was difficult for me. I was ugly and I am sure working in a place like this they would be very beautiful people. I walked in head down. The perkiness of the reception was contagious and at no time was I made to feel uncomfortable, in fact, you could not get a more beautiful, knowledgeable group of people. Thank God I did the homework. Now I have comfort in knowing I will not only have a good surgeon that has remarkable staff, but I also know I will be in a clean, professional medical centre without the hassle of travelling overseas.

“My operation is tomorrow. I’m nervous (a little), but looking forward to the new look me (of course). I have confidence in the surgeon and staff (absolutely).

“Thank you, for your recommendation.”

Elaine, March 2014

Hair transplantation

“The price for the surgery was as agreed on the phone.

“The staff were friendly and drove me back to the hotel after the surgery. I have been advised of the time frame in which results will show, so I will keep everyone up to date.

“Dr Kerry was very thoughtful and had my wellbeing ahead of everything else.”

Varicose veins treatment

“Excellent service. Quick response and fantastic prices.”

Donna, December 2013

Skin tag removal

“I was very pleased with the results. My procedure was quick and relatively painless. The doctor was very professional and reassuring, and his staff were very pleasant and welcoming.

“The cost was as expected for a cosmetic surgeon. I could have gone elsewhere for a lower cost, but chose to pay for expertise and experience.”

Kim, November 2013

Varicose veins treatment

“Extremely professional and very lovely staff. Great results; I will go again.”

Elyse, October 2013

Smart liposuction

“I had smart lipo with Dr Kerry and I am very pleased with the results. He corrected the unevenness and lumpiness I was left with after traditional lipo over a decade ago.

“Dr Kerry is very well informed, experienced, thorough, and genuinely kind and caring. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Verified patient, September 2013

Smart liposuction

“HIGHLY recommend Dr George Kerry when it comes to any type of liposuction you decide to go with.

“I saw two other surgeons before Dr Kerry and when it comes down to who’s the BEST (my opinion) when it comes to lipo, it’s by far Dr Kerry. I had over and beyond the greatest experience.”

Verified patient, September 2012

Hair transplantation

My husband had hair transplant surgery at Medical Cosmetic Centre after being embarrassed about baldness most of his adult life. The results are absolutely natural and he is over the moon. He actually looks younger now than he did in our wedding photos (20 years’ ago).

Dr Kerry was so genuinely concerned about his wellbeing and is a very skilled surgeon, which made a big difference to the whole process.

If you have been thinking about hair transplantation or any other type of cosmetic surgery, it’s really worth chatting to the staff at Medical Cosmetic Centre to see what’s possible. I can’t believe the huge boost in self-confidence my husband has had.

Helen, February 2012

Dr George Kerry Cosmetic Surgeon Adelaide

Meet Dr George Kerry – Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

Regarded as one of Australia’s top hair transplant and cosmetic surgeons, Dr Kerry has been successfully working in the field of cosmetic surgery and medicine for over 25 years

Dr Kerry and his team of highly trained medical and paramedical professionals are committed to the wellbeing of patients who want more for themselves. The team offer state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery and non-surgical services delivered with best practice in an environment of safety, privacy and comfort.

* These testimonials depict the experience of the individual and are not necessarily an indication of your results. Every individual is different and it is best to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

  • I was very pleased with the results. My procedure was quick and relatively painless. The doctor was very professional and reassuring, and his staff was very pleasant and welcoming. The cost was as expected for a plastic surgeon, I could have gone elsewhere for a lower cost, but chose to pay for expertise and experience.*

    KimSkin Tag Removal
  • My first appointment was for an assessment . The Dr was great and filled me in on every aspect of what to expect from the operation. Definitely worth going to if considering surgery.  I’ve booked in for surgery in April. The receptionist was lovely and the Dr was forthright re what to expect before and after surgery. Overall a good and reassuring atmosphere*

    Maxine Eyelid Surgery
  • Doctor was very clear with the treatment and the side effects.

    CarliDermal Fillers


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