Patient Diaries

Patient diary: Eyelid reduction & smart liposuction

Sarah H.

About 18 months ago, I split up with my fiancé, and since then I have felt that the stress and upset have aged my face. I have also gained quite a few kilograms. I feel old and I feel that I look old.

I have excess fat under my jaw line (which I call my turkey neck!), I have bags under my eyes, and excess skin sitting on my eyelids.

I booked in to have botox for my crow’s feet, and then decided to find out the price of liposuction for my neck.

I found Medical Cosmetic Centre through Google and they were kind enough to give me an approximate cost of having smart liposuction on my neck. I called another place to compare and they were not forthcoming with any idea of price. So I called Medical Cosmetic Centre again and booked an appointment.

After talking about each of my facial concerns during my initial consultation, I decided to go ahead with a smart liposuction procedure for my chin — which I called my ‘turkey-ectomy’! I also decided to have an upper and lower eyelid reduction. It made sense to have both procedures done at the same time and this was well within my planned budget.

Dr Kerry was friendly and thorough. He explained every aspect of the surgeries and what to expect before and after.

My operations were booked for Monday 3 December and I was prepared — not nervous or worried as I have had liposuction before, and breast implants.

Monday 3 December: Day of surgery

I arrived for surgery at 10 am and was changed into a gown. Dr Kerry marked out my jaw line, neck and eyes, and discussed any concerns I might have.

Dr Ong, the anaesthetist, spoke to me about sedation and put in a needle. Once the sedative was put in, the next thing I remember, I was waking up.

I felt very little pain, just a bit of a headache and tightness around my eyes. I didn’t open my eyes straight away. But eventually I opened them slowly. I didn’t have any pain from the smart liposuction of my chin. I think I was in recovery for an hour or so, then went home.

Wednesday 5 December: 2 days after surgery

The tightness around my eyes continued and then started to subside after a couple of days. There was a slight sting like sunburn.

Thursday 6 December: 3 days after surgery

My eye stitches came out on the Thursday afternoon and I felt instant relief.

Dr Kerry was very pleased with my progress and even I am surprised by how little bruising and swelling there is.

Tuesday 11 December: 8 days after surgery

Almost all my swelling and bruising has gone.

I’m someone who likes to take a holistic approach to my wellbeing and I seem to be someone who recovers quickly and well from surgery of any kind.

Saturday 22 Dec: 19 days after surgery

It’s almost 3 weeks since my surgery now and I am happy to go out without sunglasses on.

People who haven’t seen me for a while are commenting ‘Gee you look well’. I’m feeling very pleased about the results I am beginning to see.

The results of my chin liposuction are a bit more subtle — I thought they might be a bit more obvious by now.

Monday 31 December: 4 weeks after surgery

I saw Dr Kerry for a followup appointment today and to check on the progress of my chin.

He assured me not to worry and that I am making great progress. With smart liposuction, your body naturally excretes a little bit of the fat each day, so you don’t notice a big change from one day to the next.

When we looked over my photos again, comparing day 1 with week 4, the difference became much more obvious. An added bonus is that I now have cheekbones! Dr Kerry explained that he had gently swept the cannula that removes the fat up and around my cheekbones to provide definition.

I used to worry that I didn’t have much definition in my face, but now, I look like I’ve sculpted my face with blusher even when I’m not wearing any makeup.

Monday 14 January: 6 weeks after surgery

My chin is starting to show the classic sweetheart shape that I’ve always wanted — you can really see that in my photos. I’m very happy about that.

November 2015: Almost 3 years after surgery

I am still delighted with the results of my eyelid surgery and smart liposuction of my chin.

I’m not shy about telling people that I’ve had cosmetic surgery and I always enjoy showing them the before and after pictures. Everyone I show can’t believe the difference and even I am amazed when I look at old photos and then look in the mirror today. It’s an amazing feeling to feel confident when people are looking me straight in the eye these days.

If anyone asks me about my experience of cosmetic surgery, I always tell them that I have no regrets and it really is something that’s worth doing for yourself.

I happily recommend Dr Kerry to my friends (and actually just recommended him to another friend a few days ago). He is very genuine and caring and made me feel reassured before, during and after my surgery.

Patient diary: Eyelid reduction

Susan B.

Dr Kerry was recommended to me by a colleague who I worked with. I had previously visited the clinic many years ago for some sclerotherapy (leg vein treatments).

The reason for this visit was to discuss botox and fillers. My major concern was the very deep frown line between my eyes, and secondly, my crow’s feet. My frown line bothered me quite a lot as it could be clearly seen above the level of my sunglasses. I often put off buying sunglasses unless they covered my frown line, which none of them really did.

Dr Kerry explained both procedures in great length and detail. No one had ever taken the time to explain how botox or fillers actually worked before.

The decision to have surgery on my eyes came after further discussions with Dr Kerry. My eyes looked very heavy and tired, with the left eyelid being particularly heavy. I wanted to look refreshed and younger, so had no hesitation going forward with the surgery.

Once again, Dr Kerry explained the procedure thoroughly, followed by clear and concise instructions for after-care in the form of written information.

I was totally prepared for my procedure and any questions I had that were answered clearly.

Monday 11 February: Day of surgery

I arrived at the clinic at 8 am, very excited and only a little nervous! I knew I was in good hands.

Dr Kerry sat me down and lined out where the incisions were to be made on my eyes and explained what he was going to do.

Then he brought in the anaesthetist, Mark, who went through the medical form with me. He explained the procedure for the anaesthetic and I had no concerns or questions.  He was very thorough and easy to talk to.

The last thing I remember after he put the needle in my hand was wondering how long it would take for me to fall asleep.

I do not remember anything at all about the operation.

When I woke up, I was in a bit of pain. But after being administered some painkillers, I was soon pain-free and did not need any more painkillers after that.

I was a bit woozy for a while, but did not have any side effects at all from the anaesthetic. Within an hour or so, I was feeling very lucid and clear.

While I rested and recovered, my eyes were iced regularly. I was given a cup of coffee and biscuits, which were very much appreciated after having fasted since midnight.

My caregiver was not able to come to take me home, so private transportation was arranged for me.

Upon arriving home, I made myself something to eat, then spent the rest of the afternoon lying on the couch icing my eyes.

I found it a bit difficult getting to sleep as my eyes could not close completely, but eventually I dozed off. Not being able to sleep on my back, I slept partly on my side.

Tuesday 12 February: 1 day after surgery

Upon waking, I noticed some swelling and bruising had appeared, which I had fully expected. I felt very well in myself though.

I attended the clinic at 10.30 am. Dr Kerry was very pleased with how well I looked and told me that the swelling and bruising was minimal because I had followed the instructions to ice my eyes.

When I got home, I continued to ice my eyes, but with some breaks.

I did notice that my eyes felt a bit gritty at times, but soothed them with eye drops.

Wednesday 13 February: 2 days after surgery

Had a pretty good sleep. Eyes were very tight this morning and bruising had spread further.

Didn’t ice my eyes today. I lay down to read and rest my eyes after lunch and became increasingly uncomfortable. I found that I could not read as my eyes became very sore and very gritty, despite the regular use of eye drops.

After my evening shower, they were okay for about an hour, then started to get very sore and gritty again. Both eyes were very tight.

Thursday 14 February: 3 days after surgery

Bruising was not as bad as previous day but eyelids were still very swollen. Eyes were gritty, cleared a little after a shower.

Went out and did some grocery shopping and a few other things. Kept my sunglasses on at all times — did not want to scare anyone!

In the afternoon, I tried to read again, but my eyes became very gritty again. I washed them out and put in some more eye drops and they settled a little.

Friday 15 February: 4 days after surgery

Had a good sleep. Eyes tight upon waking, but feel better. Bruising was about the same as yesterday.

Attended the clinic at 10.30 am to have stitches removed — a little painful, but I was given icepacks to apply to my eyes and lay on a bed quietly for about half an hour until they settled.

Eyes were still a little gritty in the afternoon, but by evening had settled a little.

Saturday 16 February: 5 days after surgery

Eyes looked less inflamed and bruising on cheeks seemed to have slightly diminished.

I went for a long walk on the beach and came home and did some yoga. On the way home, I purchased some stronger eyes drops and they really relieved my redness and grittiness. Very happy!

Have been using eye cream since evening of day 2 to keep the area moist.

I applied moisturiser, eye cream and some foundation before heading out for coffee with my friends. They were very surprised that my eyes looked so good —said that they just looked a little red and that the bruising on my cheeks just gave me a bit of a ‘tired’ appearance.

After my evening shower, my eyes looked even better. The surrounding redness has diminished a little bit more. The new eye drops are much better and are soothing my eyes well.

Sunday 17 February: 6 days after surgery

Eyes looked even better than yesterday — redness seems to have nearly subsided. Bruising is diminishing a little bit more each day.

I went to the gym and did light weights and the bike with no bad effects.

Grittiness and dryness of eyes have completely gone. Do not know if this was due to the new eye drops or just that my eyes are progressively improving.

At lunch on Sunday, a friend said that I was looking great and asked what I had had done!

Monday 18 February: 7 days after surgery

A little setback today. After showering, a small area of skin under my left eye appeared to be red and inflamed. There appears to be a little white spot right in the centre of the inflammation, so I am hoping that it is not a stye.

Also, lids seem to be a little puffier than they were the previous day. Maybe it is just fluid. If it’s the same tomorrow, I will call the clinic.

Tuesday 19 February: 8 days after surgery

Upon waking, the inflammation under my left eye is still the same. Bruising on cheeks has lessened a little bit more and the fluid seems to have dissipated also.

Visited the clinic and Dr Kerry assured me that the inflamed area was not infected, just part of the healing[OTB1] [CK2]  process.

I can expect the fluid to hang around for a while longer — up to a couple of months, after which time the fibres will have contracted to reveal firmer skin under the eyes and on the eyelid. Dr Kerry is very happy with my progress.

Wednesday 20 February: 9 days after surgery

The inflamed area under my left eye has improved slightly, but the area is still puffy.

Bruising on cheeks is slowly disappearing and coverable with makeup.

No issues with gritty eyes at all and have stopped using eye drops.

Thursday 21 February: 10 days post after surgery

Eyes are much the same as yesterday — no marked improvement.

Fluid around cheek area dissipating slowly. Eyelids are still slightly puffy.

Used eye makeup for the first time today. Discovered eyelids a little numb, but makeup did not aggravate eyes.

Minimal bruising on cheeks. Should all be gone in a few more days.

All in all, pleased with the quick healing and recovery!

[OTB1]Cathryn: I have added the word ‘healing’ – is this correct?
[CK2]Yes and this article is fine

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