Medical Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion Adelaide

Did you know you can use your lunch hour to rejuvenate your skin? Medical microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment that really gets results.

If you are looking for qualified professionals with decades of experience to perform medical microdermabrasion in Adelaide then simply request a quote or book a consultation.

Medical Microdermabrasion Adelaide
Medical Microdermabrasion Beaumont

Microdermabrasion Adelaide

Medical microdermabrasion is designed to whisk away layers of dull, dehydrated, sun-damaged and generally lacklustre skin to create a radiant glow and leave your skin feeling unbelievably soft.

Sometimes called ‘the lunch time peel’, medical microdermabrasion is a results-orientated, non-invasive skin treatment. The treatment involves a gentle process of exfoliating the skin with crystals to improve surface facial lines, wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation.

Medical microdermabrasion removes the top layer of dead skin cells and encourages the production of new cells and collagen networking in the deeper layers of skin. The result is skin that is smoother, brighter and firmer with a reduction in the visible signs of aging.

The treatment also cleanses pores and helps to balance oil production, improving the appearance of acne-prone skin.

Because it is a medical grade treatment, the microdermabrasion offered at Medical Cosmetic Centre is able to produce deeper, more lasting results than microdermabrasion that is performed without medical supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Microdermabrasion Adelaide

Q: What skin problems can medical microdermabrasion help?

Through its action of removing dead skin cells and promoting new skin growth, medical microdermabrasion provides both immediate and ongoing improvement in the appearance of:

  • dull, tired skin
  • uneven skin tone
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • pigmentation
  • sun damage
  • open pores
  • blackheads
  • acne
  • blemishes from ingrown hairs
  • acne scars
  • general scars.

Medical microdermabrasion also provides you with these additional benefits:

  • immediate, visible results (no waiting involved) — this makes microdermabrasion the ideal quick skin ‘pick me up’
  • increased microcirculation, which brings nutrients to the skin
  • increased penetration of serums and creams by up to 400%
  • stimulates collagen production, which promotes the growth of healthy new cells.

Q: Can I have add-on treatments for even greater results?

For even greater skin rejuvenating benefits or for a skin treat before a special occasion, please ask your therapist about adding an oxygen infusion facial to your treatment. The combined results take this skin treatment to a whole new level!

Q: How is medical microdermabrasion performed?

The treatment begins with a gentle suction or ‘vacuuming’ of your skin. This suction instantly oxygenates your skin, increasing blood flow to the area and preparing it for microdermabrasion.

Your trained therapist then uses a spray of crystals to gently exfoliate layers of dead skin cells. The crystals are whisked away with suction, leaving your skin incredibly soft and luminous.

One significant advantage of medical microdermabrasion is that it is very flexible and precise. The therapist can choose exactly where to apply the crystals and how much pressure to use. This means that they can focus closely on crow’s feet, brown spots, shallow scars or any other problems that concern you to produce impressive results.

Q: How does the treatment feel?

Depending on the skin problem you are having treated, your therapist can adjust the level of exfoliation from a pleasant tingling to something much stronger. Your therapist will talk to you throughout your treatment and can reduce the intensity at any time.

After treatment, you will have some slight redness that will fade within 1–24 hours, depending on the strength of your treatment. If you are returning to work or going out, you can apply makeup immediately to cover any redness.

When a microdermabrasion is followed by an oxygen infusion facial, this will calm your skin, reducing any redness that follows the microdermabrasion

Q: How many treatments will I need?

While you can achieve noticeable results after just one treatment, a course of treatments followed by an occasional maintenance treatment will provide outstanding results, markedly reducing the effects of aging and sun damage.

In fact, a course of medical microdermabrasion treatments that is very affordable and involves little ‘down time’ or discomfort can have similar results as much more invasive, uncomfortable and costly procedures.

The number of treatments that will be ideal for you will depend on the particular skin problems you wish to improve. Your therapist will discuss this with you at your initial consultation and will work with you to develop a skin rejuvenation plan that fits with your expectations, budget and lifestyle.

Q: How do I care for my skin after medical microdermabrasion

Following medical microdermabrasion, your skin will be actively regenerating new cells. Your therapist will recommend a Danné skincare regime that will keep your skin well moisturised and nourished to assist this regeneration process while minimising the chance of skin irritation.

Your therapist will also recommend an SPF 30+ sunscreen for you to use every day to protect your fresh, new skin from damaging UV rays.

You will need to delay waxing for seven days after your treatment and may need to delay other treatments that could irritate your skin. Your therapist will provide you with clear advice on this.

Q: What is the next step from here?

If you are ready to boost your confidence and do something important for yourself, then it’s time to call 8367 0111 and book your initial consultation. Alternatively you can click here to get a quote.

During your consultation, we will work out if this treatment is suitable for you, provide you with a step-by-step description of the treatment and answer any of your questions. You will also have the opportunity to see untouched photographs that clearly show the results of treatment.

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