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Laser Skin Rejuvenation Adelaide | Face Rejuvenation Adelaide

Targeted laser treatments have changed the world of skin rejuvenation. Problems like sun damage and capillaries can show dramatic improvement with one treatment.

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Laser Skin Rejuvenation Adelaide
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Laser Resurfacing Adelaide | Facial Rejuvenation Adelaide | Laser Skin Treatment Adelaide

Medical Cosmetic Centre uses the Dual Yellow laser for skin rejuvenation treatments because it provides the most advanced laser technology available for precise and targeted treatments.

Using yellow and green light that targets specific skin problems, the Dual Yellow laser is able to treat wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, liver spots, broken capillaries, acne, rosacea, moles and skin tags. All areas of the face, neck, hands and body can be treated with the Dual Yellow laser.

Many skin problems can show dramatic improvement after just one treatment.

The Dual Yellow is known as a non-ablative laser treatment: it does not burn away any skin and does not affect the normal skin outside the targeted area being treated. This results in minimal side effects or discomfort, and a quick recovery time.

Before laser treatment was widely available, many deeper skin problems associated with aging and sun damage required surgical or more invasive treatment to achieve long-term results. These treatments usually involved significant time and discomfort, a long recovery period, time away from work, and often considerable cost.

Laser treatment, especially treatment with a non-ablative laser like the Dual Yellow, has completely changed the way we approach skin rejuvenation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Skin Rejuvenation Adelaide

Q: How does laser skin rejuvenation work?

Lasers can be programmed to send out light in the specific wavelengths needed to target specific skin issues. In this way, they can be programmed to emit the wavelengths best absorbed by blood to remove facial capillaries, or programmed to emit the wavelengths best absorbed by melanin to remove pigmentation. Because these wavelengths are carefully targeted to each problem area, the surrounding tissue does not absorb the light and is not affected.

As well as targeting problem areas, laser therapy stimulates the skin to produce new collagen. This has an overall tightening, firming and rejuvenating effect on skin.

Q: What are the benefits of using the Dual Yellow laser?

The Dual Yellow laser provides the option of yellow or green light, which can be selected by Dr Kerry to target specific skin problems. This is different from other light-based treatments such as IPL (intense pulse light), which provide broad-based rejuvenation but do not target specific problems.

When treating acne, the Dual Yellow light specifically targets and destroys protoporphorian IX, a chemical released by the bacteria that cause acne. The yellow light wavelength also helps to reduce red skin colour, helping to calm the appearance of inflamed acne lesions.

The Dual Yellow also uses FEM: fast edge micropulse technology. This technology produces a train of thousands of pulses per second of powerful yellow laser light. These pulses of light stimulate collagen production and new skin growth.

The specially designed contact handpiece on the Dual Yellow laser minimises discomfort and the treatment does not produce any bruising.

Q: What skin problems can laser treatment help?

The Dual Yellow laser can be used to target the source of most skin problems that are associated with aging and sun damage, greatly improving the skin’s appearance. These problems include:

  • broken capillaries and dilated blood vessels
  • sun spots
  • age spots
  • pigmentation
  • uneven skin tone
  • blotchy skin
  • wrinkles
  • moles
  • skin tags.

The Dual Yellow can also be used to treat or improve the appearance of birth marks and acne.

Q: What does laser skin rejuvenation treatment involve?

Your treatment will be performed by Dr George Kerry, a Cosmetic Surgeon and Medical Director of Medical Cosmetic Centre.

During your initial consultation, Dr Kerry will assess your suitability for laser skin rejuvenation and will recommend the number of treatments needed to achieve the results you want.

The treatment uses a 6mm spiral laser spot applied to the entire area being treated, and the treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Following the treatment, you may have a feeling of slight burning or tightness, but there is usually very little pain. Your skin may look red and flushed and you may have some minor inflammation for up to 24 hours after treatment. Any redness can be covered immediately using mineral makeup.

Q: How do I care for my skin after laser treatment?

Following your laser treatment, you can continue using your normal skincare.

Your skin will be very sun sensitive and it will be especially important for you to avoid future sun damage (which will only cause many skin problems to return). Your therapist will recommend an SPF 30+ sunscreen, which you should use on your face and any other areas of treated skin every day.

Your therapist will also recommend using the Danné or Cosmedix range of anti-aging skincare, which will help to maximise the results of your treatment.

Q: What is the next step from here?

If you are ready to boost your confidence and do something important for yourself, then it’s time to call 8367 0111 and book your initial consultation. Alternatively you can click here to get a quote.

During your consultation, we will work out if this treatment is suitable for you, provide you with a step-by-step description of the treatment and answer any of your questions. You will also have the opportunity to see untouched photographs that clearly show the results of treatment.

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