Accreditation and patient safety

Accreditation and patient safety

When you are considering cosmetic surgery, it’s important for you to know if the operating suite is an accredited quality organisation that uses the skills of a fully qualified anaesthetist.

Why is accreditation important?

By choosing a surgeon who operates from an accredited surgical facility, you can be assured of:

  • qualified, trained and experienced support staff
  • a fully-qualified anaesthetist
  • clean and fully-equipped operating room
  • adequate personnel and equipment to respond to emergency situations.

Medical Cosmetic Centre’s accreditation

Melbourne Street Day Surgery is Medical Cosmetic Centre’s on-site operating suite. The suite has been accredited for 18 years with The Australian Council on Health Care Standards and is currently accredited with Global Mark Pty Ltd since April 2017. Global–Mark is one of the leading conformity assessment bodies (CABs) in Australia.

For a facility to receive accreditation, it must adhere to strict standards for staff, sanitation, equipment, and patient care which are set out in the 10 National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

As part of accreditation, there is regular monitoring of infection rates. Melbourne Street Day Surgery has had no infections for the past eight years.

Dr Kerry and his staff must allow regular inspections and provide thorough records of policies, procedures and audits to retain accreditation.

Medical Cosmetic Centre’s anaesthetic services

Using a fully-qualified anaesthetist to provide intravenous twilight sedation is part of Medical Cosmetic Centre’s accreditation requirements.

The specialist anaesthetists from Wakefield Anaesthetic Group will provide intravenous sedation if it is needed for your procedure. These anaesthetists have been working with Dr Kerry for over 20 years and fully understand the requirements of your procedure.

We will be happy to answer any questions about our accreditation or your anaesthetic. Please feel free to contact us or to chat to Dr Kerry at your next appointment.

Dr George Kerry Cosmetic Surgeon Adelaide

Meet Dr George Kerry – Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

Regarded as one of Australia’s top hair transplant and cosmetic surgeons, Dr Kerry has been successfully working in the field of cosmetic surgery and medicine for over 25 years

Dr Kerry and his team of highly trained medical and paramedical professionals are committed to the wellbeing of patients who want more for themselves. The team offer state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery and non-surgical services delivered with best practice in an environment of safety, privacy and comfort.

* These testimonials depict the experience of the individual and are not necessarily an indication of your results. Every individual is different and it is best to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

  • Very pleased with recent Hair Transplant for front/temple area. I find Dr Kerry to be a very competent surgeon with outstanding people skills. Would have no hesitations in recommending him.*

    Micheal Hair Transplant
  • After making an appointment to have a lipoma removed on my forehead, I was very pleased with Dr Kerry’s professionalism and conductivity. He thoroughly explained the procedure/cause and also instantly diagnosed a skin condition which left previous doctors and derms baffled. Has a great sense of humour too. During the procedure I was very comfortable and relieved in knowing I was in good hands. A week later and my scar is looking minimal healing perfectly. Cannot recommend Dr Kerry enough. Price was arranged over the phone and emailed and quite reasonable. Will be back in the future.*

    GregLipoma removal
  • My experience has been very good! All of the staff and of course the doctor are friendly, very approachable and put me at ease right from my first visit. I was very nervous before hand! They explained everything that would happen and were very reassuring and helpful throughout. The aftercare has been wonderful as well.*