Welcome to Medical Cosmetic Centre – Where science meets luxury spa.

Medical Cosmetic Centre has been successfully providing anti-aging treatments, cosmetic surgery and hair replacement to thousands of women and men of all ages for over 25 years.

Our philosophy of combining the best of science, patient care, experience, training and technology provides you with treatments that achieve genuine results, helping you to look and feel the best you can.

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The key to Medical Cosmetic Centre’s success is the scientific basis and medical supervision of all treatments. This means we can offer you medical grade skin and body rejuvenations treatments that often achieve deeper, longer-lasting results than beauty therapy treatments.

Patient Care

While our treatments are science-based, they are all provided with pampering care in the relaxed surroundings of our beautiful, fully-accredited day surgery.

Your health, safety and care are our highest priorities. To help you achieve the results you want, we will work with you to develop your own patient care program: a unique program to achieve your rejuvenation goals with the least possible disruption to your lifestyle.


Our Medical Director, Dr George Kerry is a founding member of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine and has over 25 years’ experience in performing many thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures. At Medical Cosmetic Centre, you are always in experienced hands.


All accredited therapists who are responsible for non-surgical treatments at Medical Cosmetic Centre receive extensive expert training, which is medically supervised by Dr Kerry. Our operating theatre staff all receive training which is set out under the 10 National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.


For each treatment offered, Medical Cosmetic Centre uses proven technology that is considered the best in its class. We are constantly researching and investing in new technology so we can offer you the most advanced and effective treatments possible.

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We look forward to welcoming you into our clinic and helping you to look and feel the best you can.

Dr George Kerry

Dr George Kerry, Certified Cosmetic Surgeon
Medical Director, Medical Cosmetic Centre

MB BS (Adelaide University), FACCSM
Founding member, Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine (ACCSM)
Member, Australian Medical Association (AMA)
Full registration as a medical practitioner with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

Dr George Kerry’s skills, qualifications and experience form the basis of all services and the exceptional level of patient care offered at Medical Cosmetic Centre

Regarded as one of Australia’s leading hair transplant and cosmetic surgeons, Dr Kerry has been successfully working in the field of cosmetic surgery and medicine for over 25 years. Prior to this, Dr Kerry had a successful family medical and surgical practice.

Spurred by his own hair loss problem, Dr Kerry developed an interest in hair replacement surgery while working as a general practitioner. By 1988, Dr Kerry was convinced that his area of research deserved his full time attention and he undertook intensive study programs with dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in Australia and the United States.

In 1990, Dr Kerry began surgically replacing hair by transplanting a patient’s own living hair to their balding areas. Called superfine micrografting, this surgical procedure has quickly become known as the most sophisticated and natural way to replace hair. Through regular television coverage on current affairs and news programs, Dr Kerry has become well-known for his megasession and microscopic methods of follicular unit grafting and follicular unit extraction. He is often called on to provide expert commentary on hair replacement topics in the media.

Dr Kerry’s concern for the whole person led him to train and research in other areas of cosmetic surgery. He is well known for his surgical precision and the level of care he provides for his patients. Dr Kerry’s areas of expertise include body contouring using liposuction, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, hair and eyebrow and beard transplantation, upper and lower eyelid reduction, and an extensive range of paramedical and cosmetic medicine procedures.

Dr Kerry and his team of highly trained medical and paramedical professionals are committed to the wellbeing of patients who want more for themselves. The team offer state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery and non-surgical services delivered with best practice in an environment of safety, privacy and comfort.

The high standards of patient care offered at Medical Cosmetic Centre  and Melbourne Street Day Surgery have earned the clinic full accreditation with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) for over 16 years. From 20 April 2017, the clinic has been accredited through the independent assessment and certification body, Global-Mark.

cathryn kerry

Cathryn Kerry
Clinic Director and Patient Coordinator

Cathryn Kerry has been helping Australian women and men to look and feel their best for over 25 years.

With a degree in economics, a diploma in medical practice management and certifications in laser treatments and sterilisation, Cathryn leads the team of nursing, beauty therapy and administrative staff in creating a culture of quality and safety at Medical Cosmetic Centre  and Melbourne Street Day Surgery. Cathryn has developed numerous training manuals that ensure everyone’s work at the Medical Cosmetic Centre is of the highest standard.

Cathryn has extensive training and experience in providing paramedical skin treatments. Her holistic approach to skin rejuvenation helps patients to combine the newest advances in treatment with healthy lifestyle choices.

Married to Dr George Kerry for over 40 years, Cathryn and George work together as a team, creating an environment where you will feel welcome, safe and respected — and where your needs as the patient always come first.

Our Team

Medical Cosmetic Centre Staff

Marisa Calabria
Practice Manager

Our Practice Manager, Marisa, has been a professional in the medical and aesthetic field for the past six years. During this time, she has had the privilege of building relationships with patients from all over the world. Marisa is dedicated to the overall patient experience in our office. She is involved in hand-selecting each member of our staff and is very proud of the service each one provides. She manages the front office and ensures all organisation policies and processes are adhered to.

Marisa is a Dermal Therapist, who is also Laser certified and Endermologie LPG certified. She is trained in theatre processes, sterilisation, CPR and fire safety. Marisa coordinates the non-surgical anti-aging programs at Medical Cosmetic Centre and coordinates the care of our surgical patients. Her special talent is making all patients feel comfortable, relieving any anxiety they may feel before their procedure.

Marisa speaks and writes fluent Italian. In her private time, she involves herself in community service at the local gym, coaching children on healthy lifestyle and fitness.

Medical Cosmetic Centre staff

Wendy Adams
Quality Consultant and Internal Auditor

Wendy Adams is an important part of the Medical Cosmetic Centre team, assisting us with preparation for accreditation and maintenance of our quality management system for the 10 National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards released by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

With an impressive career spanning general nursing, nursing education and Director of Nursing of a number of day surgeries and small private hospitals, Wendy has also been an active member in a number of organizations including the role of President of the Australian Day Surgery Nurses Association and the Chair for the Australian Day Surgery Council as well as representing Australian nurses on the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery between 2009 and 2015. She has also presented widely at Australian and international conferences and congresses, and has represented professional bodies as a member of expert panels and working parties that have created important changes to Australian healthcare standards.


Medical cosmetic centre staff

Hillivi Harrison
Registered Nurse

Hillivi or Hilly, as she is known to everyone, takes great pride in her work and is committed to patient comfort and satisfaction. Hilly graduated as a registered nurse from Flinders University with a broad nursing knowledge in theatre, pediatrics and general surgery. She is currently enrolled at the Flinders University  in a Master of Nursing Degree to gain further qualifications in aesthetic nursing.

Hilly assists Dr Kerry in theatre and with pre-surgery preparation and education, reassuring you before and after surgery. She loves working with patients and helping them reach their aesthetic goals.

Over the last two years, Hilly’s love for aesthetic nursing has blossomed. You will frequently find her attending new training courses on our latest machines and researching new aesthetic procedures and products, keeping her finger on the pulse of the latest news. Hilly has gained certification as a hair and makeup artist and loves preparing brides and their attendants for their special day. In her spare time, Hilly enjoys cooking and reading.


Medical Cosmetic centre staff

Helena Garstka
Theatre Technician

Helena has been working at Medical Cosmetic Centre for the last 15 years. She ensures the smooth transition of our patients through surgery in a well-organised theatre. Helena is responsible for the quality control of the hair transplant grafts produced by the hair transplant team, and trains and monitors staff performance in theatre. She oversees stock control and ensures high standards of sterilisation are monitored and maintained at all times, according to Australian standards. Helena also ensures our compliance with accreditation reviews.

Helena has a diploma focussing in analytical medical techniques, and has been trained in sterilisation, CPR, manual handling and fire safety.

Another multilingual member of our team, Helena speaks and writes fluent Polish and understands Russian. She enjoys cooking, reading, gardening and indulging her many grandchildren!


Medical Cosmetic Centre staff

Fatima Hatzibovich
Theatre Technician

Fatima joined our clinic six years ago as a hair transplant technician in theatre. She is also responsible for the comfort of our hair transplantation patients, during what is often a very long procedure. (If you are having a hair transplantation, Fatima will organise your food, drinks, DVDs, music and more.)

With a Certificate III in Sterilisation —  a certification in instrument decontamination, packing and sterilisation — Fatima brings essential skills to our operating theatre. She also has CPR and fire training.

Fatima enjoys travelling, walking, going to the gym, and spending time with her grandchildren. She speaks and writes fluent Serbian.


Medical cosmetic cnetre staff

Andrea Ball
Health Writer and Consumer Advocate

Andrea has been working with Medical Cosmetic Centre for almost 20 years, writing patient information about all the clinic’s treatments. It’s her job to ‘translate’ medical information so that it is easy for everyone to understand, and so you know what to expect during your treatments. Andrea believes in empowering people with health information that’s easy to put into action and encourages you to play an active role in caring for your own health.

Donating her time to Ovarian Cancer Australia for the last 11 years, Andrea is the author of Resilience, an internationally-acclaimed 200-page guide that is provided free of charge to every woman in Australia who is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She also writes for The Royal Women’s Hospital Victoria, contributing to The Women’s Health Book and Growing Together — a parenting kit for Victorian families. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing, Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management, and a Graduate Certificate in Medical Writing from the American Medical Writers Association.

Andrea’s personal motto is “Good health and happiness begin in the kitchen”. In her spare time, she teaches cooking classes with a focus on healthy, seasonal eating and hosts cooking retreats throughout South Australia and in Bali. Andrea loves travelling to discover new recipes and cooking for  family and friends.


Kelly Jorissen
Executive and Consumer Advocate

Kelly has a strong background in business administration and recruitment, and is the General Manager of Puratap. She is dedicated to excellence in customer service and satisfaction, and in creating an exceptional customer experience by providing world-class home water filtration.

We were delighted when Kelly volunteered to be a consumer advocate for Medical Cosmetic Centre, offering feedback on our many areas of customer service. Kelly reviews all information that is provided to our patients, making sure it is written in plain English, so it is easy to read and understand. Because information is often written for patients and their carers, Kelly makes sure our instructions on aftercare and website information are clear and concise easy to follow for everyone,

Kelly is a gourmet cook and enjoys cooking for her friends and her large family of 6 adult children and their friends. Kelly loves spending time with her gorgeous grand daughter.

We take partnering with our patients very seriously, so a consumer advocate is an important addition to our team.


Medical cosmetic centre staff

Michelle Bibby
Principal Consultant and Director of Infection Prevention Australia (IPA)

Through her company, Infection Prevention Australia, Michelle provides Medical Cosmetic Centre and Melbourne Street Day Surgery with expert guidance and education in its accreditation and infection prevention — both are processes which help to ensure the best possible care and outcomes for our patients.

Michelle is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in perioperative nursing and infection and prevention control and has graduate qualifications in these areas. She has implemented infection prevention and control programs across Australia in both the public and private health sectors, in aged care and correctional facilities.

We are delighted to have Michelle as part of our team: her expertise combined with her bubbly personality and caring nature help our staff to understand and implement these often complex processes with ease.