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Medical Cosmetic Centre has been successfully providing anti-aging treatments, cosmetic surgery and hair replacement to thousands of women and men of all ages for over 25 years. Our philosophy of combining the best of science, patient care, experience, training and technology provides you with treatments that achieve genuine results, helping you to look and feel the best you can.

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What sort of treatment are you looking for?


Discover a new sense of body confidence. Say goodbye to wobbly bits with body sculpting, dare to bare your legs again after simple vein treatments, and enjoy the freedom of laser hair removal.


Lift off layers of aging and sun damage, plump up lips, relax frown lines and buff away pimples and open pores. It’s time to put your best face forward and shine.


We understand the emotional impact that hair loss can have in men and women. Talk to one of Australia’s most experienced hair transplantation surgeons about the best treatment option for you.

Medical Cosmetic Centre
Where science meets luxury spa

Medical Cosmetic Centre has been successfully providing anti-aging treatments, cosmetic surgery and hair replacement to thousands of women and men of all ages for over 25 years.

For around the cost of a cappuccino a day, anyone can look great for their age. Advances in cosmetic medicine mean that you can achieve the results you want to suit your age, personality and budget.

We look forward to welcoming you into our clinic and helping
you look and feel the best you can.

Dr George Kerry Cosmetic Surgeon Adelaide

Meet Dr George Kerry – Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

Regarded as one of Australia’s top hair transplant and cosmetic surgeons, Dr Kerry has been successfully working in the field of cosmetic surgery and medicine for over 25 years

Dr Kerry and his team of highly trained medical and paramedical professionals are committed to the wellbeing of patients who want more for themselves. The team offer state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery and non-surgical services delivered with best practice in an environment of safety, privacy and comfort.

* These testimonials depict the experience of the individual and are not necessarily an indication of your results. Every individual is different and it is best to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

  • Their approach is the best, and they are not just keen to get your money. They seem to offer an honest approach.

    TonyDermal Fillers
  • Walking into the center was difficult for me. I was ugly and I am sure working in a place like this they would be very beautiful people. I walked in head down. The perkiness of the reception was contagious and at no time was I made to feel comfortable. In fact you could not get a more beautiful, knowledgeable group of people. Thank god I did the homework. Now I have comfort in knowing I will also have not only a good surgeon that has a remarkable staff, but I also know I will be in a clean, professional medical center without the hassle of travelling overseas.*

  • I wasn’t really quoted as I wanted lots of different stuff done and some advise. I found them great, nice place and lovely staff. It was good, the doctor wasn’t on the sell. Told me to get it done in steps. Informative. I’m going back for more. It cost 650 I don’t know what prices are around I just felt comfortable. I thought that was good price but honestly I wouldn’t know. But i’m very happy with my results and the doctor had a great sense of humour.

    CindyDermal Fillers


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