Oxygen Infusion Facial

Oxygen Infusion Facial Adelaide

Do you want to take the results of medical microdermabrasion to the next level? An oxygen infusion facial gives you longer-lasting skin rejuvenation results.

If you are looking for qualified professionals with decades of experience to perform an oxygen infusion facial in Adelaide then simply request a quote or book a consultation.

Oxygen Infusion Facial Adelaide
Oxygen Infusion Facial Beaumont

Oxygen Infusion Facial – Adelaide

Are you ready to take the results of medical microdermabrasion to the next level?

An oxygen infusion facial is a treatment that saturates your skin with pure oxygen, which provides antioxidant protection, stimulates circulation and further assists in infusing active serums into your skin.

Combining microdermabrasion with oxygen treatments enables each to enhance the performance of the other, taking medical microdermabrasion to a whole new level.

The result is vibrant, glowing skin and faster, longer-lasting skin rejuvenation results.

Oxygen infusion facials are also offered as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other skin rejuvenation treatments recommended by your therapist.


Frequently Asked Questions About Oxygen Infusion Facial

Q: What is involved in an oxygen infusion facial?

Your facial begins by applying an O Cosmedics professional strength serum to your face. Then your therapist will use a small pen-like device called a Diamond Oxy Pro to deliver a jetstream of pure oxygen into your skin. The oxygen itself has an antioxidant and revitalising effect on your skin, as well as helping to infuse the O Cosmedics serum.

During the treatment, the oxygen will initially tickle your skin. Once you adjust to the sensation, it is quite relaxing, cooling and soothing.

Q: What professional strength serums are used in the treatments?

Depending on the specific skin problems you wish to address, your therapist will recommend either the O Cosmedics Pure Age Defiance Serum or Repair Serum for use in your treatments.

O Cosmedics Pure Age Defiance Serum contains super concentrated doses of L-sodium hyaluronate, acetyl octapeptide-3, a 100 percent natural skin-tightener and V8 Peptide Complex®. This serum is O Cosmedics hero anti-aging product for all skin types. It helps to relax facial muscles, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves skin hydrated and radiant. Our clients tell us it’s addictive!

O Cosmedics Repair Serum contains a unique blend of ultra-strength antioxidants, ceramides, anti-irritants and V8 Peptide Complex® to help strengthen the skin’s barrier, assist in healthy cell production and reduce inflammation. This serum is pure TLC for weakened, irritated, red or reactive skins.

These serums and the complete O Cosmedics professional strength skincare range are also available to purchase from Medical Cosmetic Centre to use as your daily skincare routine and enhance the results of your clinic treatments.

Q: Who can benefit from oxygen treatments?

Oxygen infusion facials are suitable for anyone wishing to improve the appearance of aging skin, sun-damaged skin and acne.

The treatment is ideally performed immediately following medical microdermabrasion: because the microdermabrasion has already exfoliated the dead skin layer, the oxygen and chosen serum are able to penetrate the skin more deeply where they are more effective.

Q: How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments that will be ideal for you will depend on the particular skin problems you wish to improve.

Your therapist will discuss this with you at your initial consultation and will work with you to develop a skin rejuvenation plan that fits with your expectations, budget and lifestyle.

Q: What happens after treatment?

You can get back to work and your normal activities straight after your microdermabrasion and oxygen treatment. You can apply make-up immediately.

You will need to take care not to heat up your skin after treatment. Do not use hot water directly on your face for the next 24 hours and avoid steam baths or saunas for 24 hours.

Your therapist will recommend a suitable O Cosmedics or DMK skincare regime. Selected products from both skincare ranges are available to purchase from Medical Cosmetic Centre. Your therapist will also recommend an SPF 30+ sunscreen for you to use every day to protect your fresh, new skin from damaging UV rays.

Please follow your therapist’s advice for any other skin treatments that you may need to avoid following your microdermabrasion and oxygen treatments.

Q: What is the next step from here?

If you are ready to boost your confidence and do something important for yourself, then it’s time to call 8367 0111 and book your initial consultation. Alternatively you can click here to get a quote.

During your consultation, we will work out if this treatment is suitable for you, provide you with a step-by-step description of the treatment and answer any of your questions. You will also have the opportunity to see untouched photographs that clearly show the results of treatment.

Dr George Kerry Cosmetic Surgeon Adelaide

Meet Dr George Kerry – Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

Regarded as one of Australia’s top hair transplant and cosmetic surgeons, Dr Kerry has been successfully working in the field of cosmetic surgery and medicine for over 25 years

Dr Kerry and his team of highly trained medical and paramedical professionals are committed to the wellbeing of patients who want more for themselves. The team offer state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery and non-surgical services delivered with best practice in an environment of safety, privacy and comfort.

* These testimonials depict the experience of the individual and are not necessarily an indication of your results. Every individual is different and it is best to contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

  • Their approach is the best, and they are not just keen to get your money. They seem to offer an honest approach.

    TonyDermal Fillers
  • After making an appointment to have a lipoma removed on my forehead, I was very pleased with Dr Kerry’s professionalism and conductivity. He thoroughly explained the procedure/cause and also instantly diagnosed a skin condition which left previous doctors and derms baffled. Has a great sense of humour too. During the procedure I was very comfortable and relieved in knowing I was in good hands. A week later and my scar is looking minimal healing perfectly. Cannot recommend Dr Kerry enough. Price was arranged over the phone and emailed and quite reasonable. Will be back in the future.*

    GregLipoma removal
  • Doctor was very clear with the treatment and the side effects.

    CarliDermal Fillers